More than 8 years have passed by since Steven arrived in September 2011 to become the first teaching assistant of Up International Education.

More than 8 years trying to analyse, learn and support thousands of conversation assistants that have joined the Up Program to offer our kids something priceless: education for their future.

So now, after these first 8 years, we are beginning again. Today, we continue progressing and searching. Today, we are introducing a new Web page and we are sharing a new challenge: to keep on learning in order to better help our teaching assistants, our schools. But especially our kids.

These are days of excitement, of a debut for a team that, 8 years ago, dreamt about creating a program which could:

  • Give teaching assistants a vital experience of learning about one of the most difficult jobs in the world, that of educators
  • Offer schools a necessary resource to allow their students to use the language in a real-life setting.
  • And, above all, give students the opportunity to open their minds and realise that the world is just there, very near, waiting for them to go for it.

Have we managed to do it? Partly!

Will we manage to do it? Only with help, your help.