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Up International Education coordinates the introduction of conversation assistants that are native speakers into Spanish schools.

At Up, we are convinced that it’s the person that is the most important to be able to provide high quality service.

Javier López
Founding Partner

"We are architects. In 2009, we found ourselves working on a project in Dubai just after graduating from university and we came to realise that none of us were actually able to talk on the telephone in English with those in charge of the project.


We had to hire someone to speak in English to the people of Dubai; and pay them, obviously, even when we weren’t getting paid for the work we were doing.

So, we wondered: how is it possible that, after studying English for nearly 20 years, none of the three of us could hold a telephone conversation in this language?

We realised that there was something wasn’t working in our education system.


After thinking it over, it came to us that the problem was in the lack of practice of English in real-life settings, far beyond just ordering a coffee in London.

What solution was offered to us at that time?

Going over to spend a year studying in Ireland, UK, USA, Canada... 

A good solution if it weren’t for the economic recession that made it more difficult for many of us to go through with this".

David Hermoso
de Mendoza
Founding Partner

"So, as we went over the idea again and again, we said to ourselves: why don’t we bring a little bit of Ireland, UK, USA to our schools here in Spain?

But how? Through conversation assistants.

That’s how Up International Education came into being.

We like to think that, through the teaching assistants, we are changing the lives of a good number of children who will no longer see a language barrier as they get older.

Education is the only tool that can make the world a fairer, more balanced place. And it’s a privilege to be able to participate in it”.

The aim of Up International Education is to create the best possible program for conversation assistants in Spain.

To do so, we need to find the best teaching assistants through our demanding selection process which searches for the Perfect Match for both the school and teaching assistant".

Marga Lostao Crespo
Selection Team

I always carry rechargeable batteries with me, there’s always enough food in the fridge to be able to throw together a meal for friends, I love all beasts although I’ve only got one cat, I’m proud of being an insistent mum and I’ll never stop feeling proud of having given up smoking, a frustrated viewer of all the latest TV series that are now impossible for me to watch.

Ann McKenna
Selection Team

Hi... my name’s Ann McKenna, I’m Scottish but now half of my heart is “maño” after so many years in Zaragoza. I love Spain although, truth be told, there are still some things that I can’t get used to: pork scratchings, pigs trotters and such honest answers to questions about my new haircut (in English, we would always say “it’s nice”!). But, even so, I hope to be here for many more years!

María Jesús La Haba Marina

Lisa Simpson is my alter ego. I try to have solutions for everything and the plants in our office are still alive today entirely thanks to me. Apart from plants, I also like looking after people and making them feel good. It has been said that my middle name is “Ergonomics”. I always try to have a smile on my lips but, watch out, one of my hobbies is archery…

Leyre Platero Urra
Up Navarra

A fan of reading, nature, animals and law, an entertaining hobby like no other. Order and quality are important in my work and I like to have a good working environment. I even try to make sure of this first thing Monday morning. I love the human aspects of HR and being able to know a lot of different cultures through our selection process.

Manuel Díaz Sandoval
Up Galicia

A great music lover, everything is better with music and if it’s classical music even better. I’m a collector of CDs, automatic watches and diving trips; an expert in shopping on-line, street markets and flea markets. A follower of Mr. Rafael Nadal Parera and a loyal fan of Real Madrid and of the London Symphony Orchestra. An avid viewer of TV series and documentaries about astrophysics and quantum physics, at a basic level. I love it when “my guys” have the best experience possible with us.

Vanesa García Gil
Up Madrid

I’ve always loved travelling, tourism and getting to know different places and people. After having worked as a Spanish teacher in schools abroad, I now love helping from the other side, making sure that others have the chance to have this experience in Spain. A famous saying here is “de Madrid al cielo” (from Madrid to heaven) so, come and see if it’s true.

Nuria Solanas Costa
Up Barcelona

I’m a Law graduate. I have a fascination for sport, fashion, beauty, art and gastronomy, the beach, the economy, history, Gaudí... My slogan es: it’s essential to look after yourself as much as you can; the sun means everything so living in Spain is beyond words. I love the passion, the challenges and the dedication in what I do. “I bring a little bit of fresh air that I can breathe in my beloved Costa Brava to the city, connecting me to the sea, my Mediterranean”. 

Ah, yes! And it’s wonderful to see art through the kids.

Fernando Rivero Calvente
Up Sevilla

Natalia Hokin
Formación STEP